Questions for Prove-Up of Agreed Divorce

Q:        Would you state your name, please?


Q:        Are you presently married to [name]?


Q:        Have you been a domiciliary of Texas for the preceding six-month period and a resident of this county for the preceding ninety-day period?


Q:        Were you married to [name] on [date], and did you cease to live together as husband and wife on or about [date]?


Q:        Has your marriage to [name] become insupportable because of a discord or conflict of personalities that destroys the legitimate ends of the marriage relationship?


Q:        Is there any reasonable expectation of reconciliation?


Q:        [Was/Were] there [number] child[ren] born during this marriage?


Q:        [Is/Are] [that/those] child[ren] [name], age [age] [continue as applicable: , and [name], age [age]]?


Q:        Were any children adopted?


Q:        [Is your wife/Are you] expecting a child at this time?


Q:        Were there any court-ordered conservatorships, guardianships, or other court-ordered relationships affecting [this/these] child[ren] before this divorce proceeding?


Q:        [Does/Do] the child[ren] own any property?


Q:        Are you and your [wife/husband] presenting a proposed final parenting plan to the court that is contained in your proposed final decree of divorce?


Q:        Do you think that the proposed parenting plan is in the best interest of the child[ren], and do you ask the court to approve that proposed parenting plan?


Q:        Have you and your [wife/husband] entered into an agreement concerning the division of your property and debts?


Q:        Do you think that the agreement is fair and equitable to both you and your [wife/husband]?


Q:        I will hand you a document entitled Agreed Decree of Divorce, which bears the signatures of you and your [wife/husband]. Do you recognize this as the document that contains the agreements entered into between you and your [wife/husband]?


Q:        Are you asking the court to grant you a divorce and approve all the agreements you have entered into?