Ryan - Family Law Client

John, thank you for all your help. Your a damn good man.

Joseph - Traffic Client

Your firm was able to get a deferment for me, in addition to the reduction in fine. Obtaining a deferral was more than what I had hoped for. I want to thank you and Mr. Moon for your efforts on this. Keeping this unfortunate incident off my record is really good news.

Patricia - Traffic Client


John Moon helped my son dismiss his ticket. Knowing we have someone like John Moon working on our behalf gives us peace of mind. He has experience working with the Houston area court system. You can rest assured he is truly working for you.

I just want to say thank you for representing me recently In regards to my speeding ticket.  I was hesitant to call an attorney because so often when you call they want to charge you more than originally advertised.  This was not the case with your firm and Jessica was very informative.  She answered all my questions and made sure I was comfortable before I agreed to make the one time payment.  I will definitely use your services again if necessary because you were honest, up front, and most importantly you were able to get my ticket dismissed.  Thank you for your efforts.

Kevin - Traffic Client

I plan on using John Moon and the Moon Law firm for all of my legal needs. I have been completely satisfied with the services provided as well as the consultations given when needed. This is a very knowledgable firm that definitely will go above and beyond.

Brandon - Civil Litigation Client

David - Traffic Client

I want to thank you so much for taking my case and successfully winning! 

The day before I received this hard copy notice I received a notice from my insurance company letting me know that I had a thousand-dollar reduction on my next year for insurance because I had a clean record. If this not had not been held up during that time I would not have received that reward! 

Thank you again for your good work. 

Anthony - Traffic Client



My name is Anthony Hamilton. I drive a convertible SS Camaro and I have a problem with getting a lot of tickets especially in Pasadena. Mr John Moon of the Moon Law Firm has handled like a dozen tickets for me as well as another Public Intoxication case.  Mr Moon has always been about taking care of business and represented me well. He has made all my tickets drop off my record reduced fines had a lot straight dismissed.  I highly recommend the Moon Law Firm for all your legal needs.

Peter - Traffic Client

Please tell Mr. Moon thank you very much for his help with my case. If I ever need a lawyer again, I will definitely call The Moon Law Firm again.

Lorenza - Traffic Client

The Moon Law Firm was definitely the best choice by far. I am very happy with their work. They addressed my questions and concerns in a timely manner and were a pleasure to work with. I would absolutely recommend anyone looking for representation to choose The Moon Law Firm. 

Lajoy - Traffic Client

When I met Attorney Moon in Court, I was so impressed with how professional and thorough he is.  He really took the time to explain and made sure I understood what my options were.  He took the time to talk about my circumstances, and made sure to communicate them to the Court."  Also, regarding her experience with contacting the office staff, she said, "From my first conversation with you (referring to Jessica), I was impressed and knew I was in good hands.  You spent time with me, and helped me understand the importance of my case and my options.

Richard - Traffic Client

Thanks for the email, and I wanted to compliment your team member, Ms Jessica. She was absolutely so thorough, professional, and kind. I was very impressed!

I want to thank you for being there for me this morning. I will refer you to my friends.

Riley - Traffic Client

Todd - Traffic Client

Thank you and your team again for all the help and oversight in my case! Appreciate you all.

Thomas - Traffic Client

I was impressed with The Moon Law Firm’s very efficient office operation, removing what is often an obstacle when resolving a problem.  As to results, I could not be more happy, having achieved the best outcome, complete dismissal.  Well done with minimal effort on my part!”